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This website has been long inactive, and all of it's staff long gone. Feel free to salvage whatever saves, codes, and/or files you can find from the site. It's been a while since I've come back, but I'm here.

-HappyCows July 24, 2013

To Whom It May Concern:

Hey guys, it's HappyCows! I know it's been a really long while, and I've realized how much I changed since then. Honestly, I was pretty nerdy and hot tempered back then LOL. But in all honesty, I've made DRAMATIC changes in my life. As a matter of fact, I don't own any game system, and I can't stand playing games that much anymore lol. I feel like I'm pretty much the complete opposite of who I was years ago. If any of you guys wanna keep in touch, feel free to just email me or whatever at vhnguyen1@live.com. Although I kinda regret being such a loser back then, I can say that I had some memorable times. Thanks so much for the memories, and best of luck in your future endeavors.

-HappyCows (May 14, 2014)
P.S.: If you didn't read all of that, my email is vhnguyen1@live.com. My previous emails are either deserted, or got hacked lol. If you wanna keep in touch, feel free to email me!

χтнe Låรт Lєgเ๏ภχ

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 I Fixed your renegade squadron code archive

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PostSubject: I Fixed your renegade squadron code archive   Sat Nov 20, 2010 6:32 pm

#Cant Use Camand Posts
;Credit: TheEliteOne ;When Respawning

#Only Use 1 CP ;Credit:
;When Respawning
0x00428F70 0x00000001
0x0042B89C 0x00000001
0x0042BA34 0x00000001
0x0042D0AC 0x00000001

#Only Use 2 CP
;Credit: TheEliteOne ;
When Respawning
0x00428F70 0x00000002
0x0042B89C 0x00000002
0x0042BA34 0x00000002
0x0042D0AC 0x00000002

#Only Use 3 CP ;Credit:
;When Respawning
0x00428F70 0x00000003
0x0042B89C 0x00000003
0x0042BA34 0x00000003
0x0042D0AC 0x00000003

#Only Use 4 CP ;Credit:
;When Respawning
0x00428F70 0x00000004
0x0042B89C 0x00000004
0x0042BA34 0x00000004
0x0042D0AC 0x00000004

#Only Use 5 CP ;Credit:
;When Respawning
0x00428F70 0x00000005
0x0042B89C 0x00000005
0x0042BA34 0x00000005
0x0042D0AC 0x00000005

#CFW Charge>>Glitchy Player
;Credit: TheEliteOne
;Might Have To Walk ;
Realy Stupid but whatever
0x003862A4 0x2B40FEF5
#!!---All Other Codes---
#Cant Spawn ;Credit to original finders ;
Enable B-4 game ;Ad Hoc
0x00429E4 0x00000000

#Instant Hero ;Credit to original finders ;
Enable B-4 Game ;Ad Hoc
0x004294E0 0x00000000

#Unlimeted Credits ;Credit to original finders
0x0042CEAC 0x000003E8

#Ad hoc code ;Credit to original finders
;999 Reinforcements
;999 CTF Score Limit
;999 Min Players Including AI ;32 Bots
0x004294E4 0x000003E7
0x004294E8 0x000003E7
0x004294D8 0x000003E7
0x0031BB40 0x00000020

#Inf Jet Pack
0x007FB38C 0x6FFFFFFF
0x007FB48C 0x6FFFFFFF

#Rapid Fire
0xFFFFFFFF 0x0044B274
0x0022FFA0 0x00000054
0xFFFFFFFF 0x0044B274
0x002326F8 0x00000054
0xFFFFFFFF 0x0044B274
0x0023565C 0x0000FFFF

#Infinite Ammo
0xFFFFFFFF 0x0044B274
0x00232708 0x0000FFFF
0xFFFFFFFF 0x0044B274
0x002331B0 0x0000FFFF
0xFFFFFFFF 0x0044B274
0x00230170 0x0000FFFF
0xFFFFFFFF 0x0044B274
0x002322DC 0x0000FFFF
0xFFFFFFFF 0x0044B274
0x0023389C 0x0000FFFF
0xFFFFFFFF 0x0044B274
0x00235668 0x0000FFFF
0xFFFFFFFF 0x0044B274
0x00231F88 0x0000FFFF

#Figh yourself For Republic and Rebels
;ALL credits by Oby1Chick
0x004298F0 0x00000005
0x004298E4 0x00000005
0x00429908 0x00000005
0x004298FC 0x00000005

#Figh yourself For Empire and CSI
;ALL credits by Oby1Chick
0x004298F0 0xFFFFFFFF
0x004298E4 0xFFFFFFFF
0x00429908 0xFFFFFFFF
0x004298FC 0xFFFFFFFF

#Figh yourself Reset Teams
;ALL credits by Oby1Chick
0x004298F0 0x00000000
0x004298E4 0x00000000
0x00429908 0x00000000
0x004298FC 0x00000000

0x002EB5D4 0x408C0000

#Infinite Credits
0x0042CEB0 0x0000FFFF

#Infinate health
;need health add-on at level 3
0x002EE3C4 0x6FFFFFFF

#Inf Stamina
;need stamina add on
0x002EE3D4 0x6FFFFFFF

#Never Overheat
0x002EF85C 0x7F000000
0x002EF8D0 0x7F000000

#Infinate Jetpack
0xFFFFFFFF 0x0044B274
0x0024AF38 0x6FFFFFFF
0x0024B038 0x6FFFFFFF

#Infinate Shields
0xFFFFFFFF 0x0044B274
0x0022D38C 0x6FFFFFFF

#See Thru Walls
0x002ED17F 0x00

#Shoot through Walls
0x000B8190 0x03E00008
0x000B8194 0x00000000

0x002EB76E 0x4080

0x002EB5BE 0x4180

#Super capture rate
;All Credits to Oby1Chick
0x002EE3F4 0x4F000000

#Inf/Rapid fire/Lock On Sniper
;Credits to President choob
;Credits to Oby1Chick
;Credits to Original Founder
0x007E0408 0x00000060
0x007E05C4 0xFFFFFFFF
0x007E0668 0x00000016

#Inf/Rapid EMP launcher
;All Credits To Oby1Chick
;Rapid fire better than the original
0x007E1BB8 0x00000063
0x007E1BCC 0x00000063
0x007E1BE0 0x00000063
0x007E1BF4 0x00000063
0x007E1C00 0x00000063
0x007E1D8C 0x000FFFFF

#Super yellow shotgun
;All credits to Oby1Chick
;Rapid fire, inf.ammno and
;awesome yellow shoot including
0x007E2B4C 0x00000060
0x007E2B14 0x6F000000
0x007E2B20 0x68000000
0x007E2B34 0x00000260
0x007E2B40 0x00000260
0x007E2B50 0x6FC00000
0x007E2B68 0x00000260
0x007E2B98 0x62C80000

#Ultimate Game speed
;All credis to Oby1Chick
;Really better than the normal !
0x0032BC44 0x3EFFFFFF
0x0032BC48 0x3EFFFFFF

#Best blaster rifle
;Including inf. ammno,rapid fire
;and 10 shoot per fire !
0x007E27B4 0xFFFFFFFF
0x007E27C0 0xFFFFFFFF
0x007E27CC 0x0000000A
0x007E2798 0x00000060
0x007E278C 0x00000060

#Neutral ans see name
;Useulf for see ur name and beautifuls cp
0x0032BBAC 0x000003E9

#Shotgun ultimate mode
;All credits to Oby1chick
;Including 25 shoots,rapid fire,
0x007E2C40 0x00000019
0x007E2CA0 0x00000019
0x007E2B80 0x00000019
0x007E2B68 0x00000019
0x007E2B5C 0x0000FFFF
0x007E2B4C 0x0000FFFF
0x007E2B50 0x00000060

#Chaingun Of God
;All credits to Oby1chick
;Including rapid fire and no overheat
0x007E301C 0x00000258
0x007E3010 0x00000258
0x007E3004 0x00000258
0x007E2FF8 0x00000258
0x007E2FEC 0x00000258
0x007E2FE0 0x00000258
0x007E2FD4 0x00000258

#Trishot modded gripped
;All credits to Oby1chick
;Shoots gripped,but really powerfuls
0x007E3A58 0x00000050
0x007E3A6C 0x00000050
0x007E39D4 0x00000050
0x007E39A0 0x00000050
0x007E3964 0x00000050
0x007E3940 0x00000050
0x007E395C 0x0000000F

#Trishot modded omni-directionna
;All credits to Oby1chick
;Useful if you are near an ennemi
0x007E3A60 0x00000050
0x007E39DC 0x00000050
0x007E39A0 0x00000050
0x007E39AC 0x00000050
0x007E3994 0x00000050
0x007E394C 0x00000050
0x007E3934 0x00000050
0x007E395C 0x0000000F

#Trishot modded manyshooots
;All credits to Oby1chick
;The best trishoot,in my opinion
0x007E3A58 0x00000050
0x007E3A60 0x00000050
0x007E3A6C 0x00000050
0x007E39DC 0x00000050
0x007E39D4 0x00000050
0x007E39AC 0x00000050
0x007E39A0 0x00000050
0x007E3994 0x00000050
0x007E3964 0x00000050
0x007E394C 0x00000050
0x007E3940 0x00000050
0x007E3934 0x00000050
0x007E395C 0x0000000F

#Bowcaster Of God
;All credits to Oby1Chick
;Including max charge,rage mode,
;inf.ammno and rapid fire
0x007E3688 0x0000000F
0x007E369C 0x0000000F
0x007E36B8 0x0000000F
0x007E36D8 0x0000000F
0x007E36E4 0x0000000F
0x007E367C 0x0000000F
0x007E364C 0x0000000F
0x007E3604 0x0000FFFF
0x007E35F4 0x00000060

#Hacker Elite Carbonite
;All Credits to Oby1Chick
;CG freezes forever included
0x007E43F8 0xFFFFFFFF
0x007F48D0 0x7F800000

#Carbonite Gun Freeze Forever
;Size pointer by Black Wolf
;All Credits to Oby1Chick
0xFFFFFFFF 0x0044B274
0x0024447C 0x7F800000

#Elite Jetpack
;All Credits to Oby1Chick
;Flash Jetpack
;Big Jetpack Fire
;Fixed Jetpack
0x0042A794 0x00000000
0x0042A7AC 0x41200000
0x0042A790 0x42200000
0x0042A7B8 0x42200000

#Hacker Killer Blaster Rifle
;All Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007F9FC4 0x7F800000
0x007F9FD0 0x7F800000

#Hacker Killer Carbonite gun
;All Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007F3DFC 0x7F800000

#Hacker Killer Shotgun
;All Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007FA078 0x7F800000
0x007FA084 0x7F800000

#Hacker Killer Sniper
;All Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007F33BC 0x7F800000
0x007F33C8 0x7F800000

#Hacker Killer Chaingun
;All Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007FAE48 0x7F800000
0x007FAE64 0x7F800000

#Hacker Killer Bowcaster
;All Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007FA030 0x7F800000
0x007FA03C 0x7F800000

#Hacker Killer EMP Launcher
;All Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007F380C 0x7F800000
0x007F3818 0x7F800000

#Hacker Killer Explosive Blaster
;All Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007F9534 0x7F800000
0x007F9528 0x7F800000

#Hacker Killer Rocket Launcher
;All Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007F255C 0x6B000000
0x007F2514 0x7F800000

#Hacker Killer Grenade Launcher
;All Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007F4258 0x7F800000
0x007F4264 0x7F800000

#Hacker Killer Orbital Strike
;All Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007F4384 0x7F800000
0x007F4390 0x7F800000

#Hacker Killer Wrist Rockets
;All Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007F42F4 0x7F800000
0x007F4300 0x7F800000

#Change equipement menu always O
;All Credits to Oby1Chick
0x001A65E8 0x00000000
0x001A6614 0x00000000

#Auto Shoot Primary weapon
;All Credits to Oby1Chick
0x0019449C 0x00000000

#Auto shoot Secondary weapon
;All Credits to Oby1Chick
0x00194520 0x00000000

#Red Map
;All Credits to Oby1Chick

#Green map
;All Credits to Oby1Chick

#Blue map
;All Credits to Oby1Chick
#Action Repeat "no lock on"
;All Credits to Oby1Chick
0x001A392C 0x03E00008
0x001A3930 0x00000000

#Go under Map
0x002EC872 0x4080

#Letter and interaction width and height
0x002EC93A 0x4010
0x002ED092 0x4010

#See Thru Walls
0x002ED17F 0x00

0x002EB76E 0x4080

0x002EB782 0x4080

0x002EB5BE 0x4180

#Player Lighting Mod
;You can choose the lighting of ur charecter 4080 is Light and 3F60 is Shadow Dark
0x002EC376 0x********

#Ice Skate Mode
0x002EB516 0x4080

#Size Mod
0x002EB4B6 0x4080

#Moon Jump
0x002EB53A 0x4080

#Slow mo game speed
0x002ED036 0x4080

#Twisty Man
;Turn your body and your guys torso will be like a jack-in-da-box
0x002EE0DA 0x4080

#Rambow Lighting
;Really cool effects
0x002ED2AE 0x4080

#See everywhere
;Its almost like ur god and u can look at the level and zoom in and out and see everything
0x002EE252 0x4080
0x002EE26A 0x4080

;this takes ur guns bullets and spreads em apart making em fly every where(Increase Values)
;Or u can turn ur gun into a chainsaw of bullets, its awsome
0x002ECFF6 0x3F90

#Bullet Damage Radius
;Controls how big the size of ur bullets making them cover more of an area
0x002ED2E6 0x4080
0x002EF4F6 0x4080

#Wierd Animations
0x002EC682 0x4080

#No Sig
0x004298F4 0x0F

0x004298F0 0x0F

#Appearence Mod
0x004298F0 0x00
0x004298F4 0x00
0x004298F8 0x00
0x004298F9 0x00
0x00429914 0x00

#Weapon Set 1 (Incin)
0x004294F4 0x04
0x004294F8 0x07
0x004294FC 0x0A
0x00429500 0x05
0x00429504 0x02
0x00429508 0x03
0x0042950C 0x03
0x00429510 0x03

#Weapon Set 2 (Shot Gun)
0x004294F4 0x05
0x004294F8 0x07
0x004294FC 0x0A
0x00429500 0x05
0x00429504 0x02
0x00429508 0x03
0x0042950C 0x03
0x00429510 0x03

#Weapon Set 3 (Sniper)
0x004294F4 0x06
0x004294F8 0x02
0x004294FC 0x0A
0x00429500 0x05
0x00429504 0x02
0x00429508 0x03
0x0042950C 0x03
0x00429510 0x03

#Game Speed
0x003285A4 0x40800000

0x002EB5D4 0x408C0000

#Rayman Player
0x002EB540 0x3FFA0000

#Matrix Mode
0x002ED196 0x4180
0x003285A4 0x3E000000

#Matrix Mode Jokered
0xD0000000 0x10000200
0x002ED196 0x3F800000
0xD0000000 0x30000200
0x002ED196 0x00004180
0xD0000000 0x30000200
0x003285A4 0x3F800000
0xD0000000 0x30000200
0x003285A4 0x3E000000

#vosman's 1337 hp sub
;press left hp=1
;press right hp=1000
;also works when u as hero
;also works when u in vechicle
;credit vosman
0x0020A098 0x0a200400
0x00001000 0x3C0808B3
0x00001004 0x810F8853
0x00001008 0x81188854
0x0000100C 0x01F84026
0x00001010 0x1100001F
0x00001014 0x3C0808C3
0x00001018 0x8D09B4CC
0x0000101C 0x1120001C
0x00001020 0x00000000
0x00001024 0x8D0A8E84
0x00001028 0x11400019
0x0000102C 0x340803E7
0x00001030 0x8D4B0014
0x00001034 0x11680016
0x00001038 0x00000000
0x0000103C 0x316C0003
0x00001040 0x000C6080
0x00001044 0x012C4821
0x00001048 0x8D2C0000
0x0000104C 0x11800012
0x00001050 0x00000000
0x00001054 0x8D8D0000
0x00001058 0x8DAE01A8
0x0000105C 0x556EFFFB
0x00001060 0x8D8C0004
0x00001064 0x11E00002
0x00001068 0x00000000
0x0000106C 0x3C083F80
0x00001070 0x13000002
0x00001074 0x00000000
0x00001078 0x3C08447A
0x0000107C 0xADA80008
0x00001080 0x8DB90000
0x00001084 0x8F39FFF4
0x00001088 0x032DC821
0x0000108C 0xAF280028
0x00001090 0x03E00008
0x00001094 0x00000000
0x00001098 0x3C0908C3
0x0000109C 0x0A200419
0x000010A0 0x8D2DB234

#inf ammo when press L ;it's level 7 pointer
;weapon1 & weapon2 & Explosive ammo all wroks
;credit vosman
0x001992C8 0x0a20042c
0x000010B0 0x3C0808B3
0x000010B4 0x8108884D
0x000010B8 0x11000026
0x000010BC 0x3C0808C3
0x000010C0 0x8D09B3A4
0x000010C4 0x8D0A8E84
0x000010C8 0x8D4D0014
0x000010CC 0x340803E7
0x000010D0 0x110D0060
0x000010D4 0x00000000
0x000010D8 0x31AA001F
0x000010DC 0x000A5080
0x000010E0 0x012A4821
0x000010E4 0x8D2A0000
0x000010E8 0x8D4B0000
0x000010EC 0x8D6C0000
0x000010F0 0x8D8CFFF0
0x000010F4 0x018B6021
0x000010F8 0x8D8C0004
0x000010FC 0x558DFFFA
0x00001100 0x8D4A0004
0x00001104 0x8D6B0068
0x00001108 0x11600012
0x0000110C 0x00000000
0x00001110 0x8D6B0018
0x00001114 0x8D6B00EC
0x00001118 0x3C080A00
0x0000111C 0x0168402B
0x00001120 0x1100000C
0x00001124 0x3C08FFFF
0x00001128 0x8D6C0000
0x0000112C 0x8D6D0004
0x00001130 0x8D6E0030
0x00001134 0x11C00003
0x00001138 0x3508FFFF
0x0000113C 0xADC80050
0x00001140 0xADC80054
0x00001144 0xAD880050
0x00001148 0xAD880054
0x0000114C 0xADA80050
0x00001150 0xADA80054
0x00001154 0x03E00008

#Inf Stamina
;credit vosman
0x001dceb0 460c0040

#inf jet pack
;credit vosman
0x00199ea3c 460c0000

#inf ce
0x002342a8 0x340203e7

#guided rocket inf time fly
0x00206bcc 0x46140300

#Instant Respawn Boz Pity
0x0129A7C0 0x00000539
0x0129A7BC 0x00000539

#Instant Respawn Endor
0x011753CC 0x00000539
0x011753D0 0x00000539

#Instant Respawn Geonosis
0x0105ECEC 0x00000539
0x0105ECF0 0x00000539

#Instant Respawn Hoth
0x012ABAEC 0x00000539
0x012ABAF0 0x00000539

#Instant Respawn Echo Base
0x0111E710 0x00000539
0x0111E70C 0x00000539

#Instant Respawn Kashyyyk
0x01185EFC 0x00000539
0x01185F00 0x00000539

#Instant Respawn Korriban
0x0120C960 0x00000539
0x0120C95C 0x00000539

#Instant Respawn Mustafar
0x0110FF4C 0x00000539
0x0110FF50 0x00000539

#Instant Respawn Mygeeto
0x01227790 0x00000539
0x0122778C 0x00000539

#Instant Respawn Naboo
0x012A25DC 0x00000539
0x012A25E0 0x00000539

#Instant Respawn Ord Mantell
0x012AB7E0 0x00000539
0x012AB7DC 0x00000539

#Instant Respawn Saleucami
0x010809FC 0x00000539
0x01080A00 0x00000539

#Instant Respawn Sullust
0x011E6820 0x00000539
0x011E681C 0x00000539

#Instant Respawn Tatooine
0x0108B3AC 0x00000539
0x0108B3B0 0x00000539

#Instant Respawn Yavin 4
0x013594E0 0x00000539
0x013594DC 0x00000539

#Instant Respawn Space Alderaan
0x0129768C 0x00000539
0x01297690 0x00000539

#Instant Respawn Space Coruscant
0x01354F4C 0x00000539
0x01354F50 0x00000539

#Instant Respawn Space Hoth
0x01389FAC 0x00000539
0x01389FB0 0x00000539

#Instant Respawn Space Kashyyyk
0x013142CC 0x00000539
0x013142D0 0x00000539

#Instant Respawn Space Kessel
0x01364F9C 0x00000539
0x01364FA0 0x00000539

#Instant Respawn Space Mygeeto
0x0132D99C 0x00000539
0x0132D9A0 0x00000539

#Instant Respawn Space Yavin
0x0131DC66 0x00000539
0x0131DC70 0x00000539

#Infinite incarn hero time
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x0031b928 0x7f800000

#MIPS incarn hero time
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x00174808 0xc440b970

#Explosion no dammage
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x0017a7e8 0x03e00008

#Explosion no dammage
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x002ee444 0x00000000

#True no dammage
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x0042b4dc 0xffffffff

#Super jump
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x002ec4f8 0x3f000000
#Hard smooth
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x00315a10 0xffffffff

#Rapid fire Jump/Roulade
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x002eb514 0x3e000000

#Total rapid fire all weapons
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x002ed038 0x00000000

#Pad Controller adress X
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x00328ac4 0x00000000

#Pad Controller adress Y
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x00328ac8 0x00000000

#God stop timer
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x002ec4b8 0x00000000

#Recon droid health
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x0031bc84 0x7f800000
0x0031bc88 0x7f800000

#Always invisible
;Credits to Oby1Chick
;Stealth suit never leaves
;Enable once invisible
0x0031bba4 0x00000000

#Full stealth invisible
;Credits to Oby1Chick
;Use stealth suit to become
;Totally invisible, impossible to see
0x0031bba0 0x00000000

#Fast invisible turn
;Credits to Oby1Chick
;You turn invisible much more quickly
;Need of stealth suit of course
0x00184dc8 0x34110000
0x00184dcc 0x00000023
0x00184dd0 0x24000000

#No stealth
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x00184de8 0x00000000
0x00184e30 0x00000000

#Camera x-axis
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x00322ec4 0x3f800000

#Camera y-axis
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x00322ec8 0x3f800000

#Camera eat fog range
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x00322ed8 0x3e800000

#Camera see thru everything
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x00322f0c 0x00000000

#Ground Camera
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x00808730 0xc0000000

#Camera x-offset
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x008085cc 0x3e99999a

#Camera y-offset
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x008085fc 0xbf000000

#Camera z-offset
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x00808608 0xc0e00000

#Camera see thru player
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x00808620 0x48000000

#Sniper shoot size
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007f33a4 0x3f800000

#Sniper shoot time
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007f33b0 0x3e800000

#Carbonite shoot size
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007f3e38 0x3f800000

#Carbonite shoot time
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007f3e44 0x3ec00000

#Shotgun shoot range
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007fa090 0x7f800000

#Bowcaster shoot lenght
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007fa00c 0x41800000

#No rockets for RL
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007f2520 0x60000000

#RL rockets speed
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007f252c 0x43000000

#RL rockets smoke
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007f2540 0x00000001

#RL explosion range
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007f225c 0x7f800000

#OS never explose
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007f4378 0x00000000

#OS Light power
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007f433c 0x43200000

#GL shoot range
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007f4270 0x42c00000

#GL explosion range
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007f4240 0x7f800000

#EMP Launcher speed
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007f3884 0x42c00000

#EMP explosion range
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007f3830 0x7f800000

#Hacker killer grenades
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007f202c 0x7f800000
0x007f2038 0x7f800000

#Far grenades throw
;Credits to Oby1Chick
;X axis 0x007f2050 0x41800000
;Y axis 0x007f2044 0x40800000

#Grenades light power
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007f2068 0x42000000

#Nades time before explosion
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007f2020 0x3c000000

#Grenades no explosion
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007f2004 0x00000001

#Hacker killer Exp. packs
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007f29c4 0x7f800000
0x007f29d0 0x7f800000

#Exp. packs light power
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007f2a00 0x42000000

#Exp. packs explosion range
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007f29dc 0x7f800000

#Exp. packs color
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007f2a20 0x0000000c

#Hacker killer mines
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007f3410 0x7f800000
0x007f341c 0x7f800000

#Mines light power
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007f3440 0x42000000

#Mines explosion range
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007f33f8 0x7f800000

#Mines explosion size
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007f33e8 0x00000002

#Hacker killer cluster Grenades
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007f3cf4 0x7f800000
0x007f3d00 0x7f800000

#Cluster nades exp. range
;Credits to Oby1Chick
;First explosion
0x007f3d0c 0x7f800000
;Second explosion
0x007f3d90 0x7f800000

#Cluster nades light power
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007f3d54 0x42000000

#Hacker killer wrist rockets
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007f42f4 0x7f800000
0x007f4300 0x7f800000

#Wrist rockets exp. range
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007f4318 0x7f800000

#Wrist rockets shoot range
;Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007f42dc 0x7f800000

#Camera axis coordinates teleport
;Credits to Oby1Chick
;Press down to teleport to your camera
0x000B03D4 0x0A200C80
0x00003200 0x3C0808B3
0x00003204 0x8D09BED0
0x00003208 0x8D088850
0x0000320C 0x3C0A08B2
0x00003210 0x3C0B00FF
0x00003214 0x15680007
0x00003218 0x00000000
0x0000321C 0x8D4C2E88
0x00003220 0x8D4D2E8C
0x00003224 0x8D4E2E90
0x00003228 0xAD2C00D0
0x0000322C 0xAD2D00D4
0x00003230 0xAD2E00D8
0x00003234 0x03E00008

#Map Instant Win
;Credits to Oby1Chick
;Press down to end map
;Empire and csi win, Alliance and Republic lose
;Once you've finished the map, press up to reset values
0x00172980 0x0e200e00
0x00172984 0x00000000
0x00003800 0x27bdfff0
0x00003804 0xafbf0008
0x00003808 0x3408e2f4
0x0000380c 0x3c0908b3
0x00003810 0x8d298850
0x00003814 0x3c0a00ff
0x00003818 0x340bff00
0x0000381c 0x3c0c0897
0x00003820 0x340de2dc
0x00003824 0x15490002
0x0000382c 0xc460e2f4
0x00003830 0xc4428f58
0x00003834 0x15690002
0x0000383c 0xc460e2dc
0x00003840 0xc4428f58
0x00003844 0x8fbf0008
0x00003848 0x03e00008
0x0000384c 0x27bd0010

#Dark Mode Instant Kill Everyone
;Credits to Oby1Chick
;Press X to kill everyone on map
;All modes all maps
0x000ab7b4 0x0a2b4dc2
0x002d3704 0x3159424f
0x002d3708 0x340870dc
0x002d370c 0x01084021
0x002d3710 0x3c090457
0x002d3714 0x01294821
0x002d3718 0x3c0a7f80
0x002d371c 0x01285821
0x002d3720 0xad6a0000
0x002d3724 0x03e00008
0x004294f4 0x00000004
0x007f3368 0x7f800000
0x007f3374 0x7f800000
0x007e0124 0x00000000
0x007e0094 0x00000000
0x007e00e4 0x00000000
0x007e00d8 0x00000000

#Republic Neon Bright Green
;Credits to President_Choob
0x00429904 0x4E832838

#Republic Neon Cooled Cyan
;Credits to President_Choob
0x00429904 0x012A3234

#Republic Neon Super Blue and Lime
;Credits to President_Choob
0x00429904 0x012A3638

#Republic Neon Full Black
;Credits to President_Choob
0x00429904 0x012A5565

#Empire Neon All Super Blue
;Credits to President_Choob
0x004298F8 0x012A3646

#Empire Neon Cooled Cyan
;Credits to President_Choob
0x004298F8 0x00003242

#Empire Neon Extremely Black
;Credits to President_Choob
0x004298F8 0x012A5565

#Rebel Neon Lightish Purple
;Credits to President_Choob
0x004298EC 0x012A1626

#Rebel Neon Extremely Black
;Credits to President_Choob
0x004298EC 0x012A5565

#CIS Neon Super Purple
;Credits to President_Choob
0x00429910 0x022A2A3A

#CIS Neon Extremely Black
;Credits to President_Choob
0x00429910 0x012A5565

#Bullet animation detonator
;ENABLE shoot something on a wall/floor
;then disable and bullets explode all at same time
0x000E405C 0x03E00008

#everyone invisible
0x0000E6C0 0x03E00008

#One Shot Kill All (Even Fusion Cutter)
;Address found by aPPachiE
;Modded Hexes
;Can Activate Any Time
;Hacker Killer
;Warning: CPU can Kill you in one shot too
0x00206BCC 0x11711711

;11 lvl dma
0x000AB7B4 0x0A200400
0x00001000 0x3C084080
0x00001004 0x25080000
0x00001008 0x3C0908C3
0x0000100C 0x8D29C210
0x00001010 0x8D2A0004
0x00001014 0x8D4B0004
0x00001018 0x8D6C0004
0x0000101C 0x8D8D0004
0x00001020 0x8DAE0004
0x00001024 0x8DCF0008
0x00001028 0x8DF80004
0x0000102C 0x8F190004
0x00001030 0x8F290000
0x00001034 0xAD2801EC
0x0000103c 0x3C084080
0x00001040 0x25080000
0x00001044 0x3C0908C3
0x00001048 0x8D29C210
0x0000104c 0x8D2A0004
0x00001050 0x8D4B0004
0x00001054 0x8D6C0004
0x00001058 0x8D8D0004
0x0000105c 0x8DAE0004
0x00001060 0x8DCF0008
0x00001064 0x8DF80000
0x00001068 0xaf0801ec
0x0000106c 0x03e00008

#HCTF/2CTF Teleporter
;All credits to -Val-
;Enable when spawned
;Press Up or down to teleport
;Dont press buttons in team select menu
0x0009C914 0x0A200094
0x00000250 0x3C0808B3
0x00000254 0x9508C108
0x00000258 0x34090041
0x0000025C 0x11090028
0x00000260 0x00000000
0x00000264 0x340900B1
0x00000268 0x11090065
0x0000026C 0x00000000
0x00000270 0x3409009F
0x00000274 0x110900A2
0x00000278 0x00000000
0x0000027C 0x3409007E
0x00000280 0x110900DF
0x00000284 0x00000000
0x00000288 0x340900C4
0x0000028C 0x1109011C
0x00000290 0x00000000
0x00000294 0x340900FA
0x00000298 0x11090159
0x0000029C 0x00000000
0x000002A0 0x3409008C
0x000002A4 0x11090196
0x000002A8 0x00000000
0x000002AC 0x340900CC
0x000002B0 0x110901D3
0x000002B4 0x00000000
0x000002B8 0x34090063
0x000002BC 0x11090210
0x000002C0 0x00000000
0x000002C4 0x3409019E
0x000002C8 0x1109024D
0x000002CC 0x00000000
0x000002D0 0x340900BE
0x000002D4 0x1109028A
0x000002D8 0x00000000
0x000002DC 0x340900AA
0x000002E0 0x110902C7
0x000002E4 0x00000000
0x000002E8 0x34090099
0x000002EC 0x11090304
0x000002F0 0x00000000
0x000002F4 0x03E00008
0x000002F8 0x03E00008
0x00000300 0x3C08C308
0x00000304 0x35084A46
0x00000308 0x3C093FAE
0x0000030C 0x3529EE31
0x00000310 0x3C0AC1CB
0x00000314 0x354A5AD1
0x00000318 0x3C0B42A5
0x0000031C 0x356BB87E
0x00000320 0x3C0CC014
0x00000324 0x358C6E5D
0x00000328 0x3C0D432B
0x0000032C 0x35ADAC4A
0x00000330 0x3C0E08B3
0x00000334 0x8DCEBED0
0x00000338 0x3C0F08B3
0x0000033C 0x8DEF8850
0x00000340 0x3C1800FF
0x00000344 0x3419FF00
0x00000348 0x15F80004
0x0000034C 0x00000000
0x00000350 0xADC800D0
0x00000354 0xADC900D4
0x00000358 0xADCA00D8
0x0000035C 0x15F90004
0x00000360 0x00000000
0x00000364 0xADCB00D0
0x00000368 0xADCC00D4
0x0000036C 0xADCD00D8
0x00000370 0x03E00008
0x00000400 0x3C084149
0x00000404 0x3508D9E0
0x00000408 0x3C09C1C2
0x0000040C 0x352958C6
0x00000410 0x3C0AC2F3
0x00000414 0x354A550D
0x00000418 0x3C0BC2DB
0x0000041C 0x356B2D85
0x00000420 0x3C0CBFF9
0x00000424 0x358C0D12
0x00000428 0x3C0D42EB
0x0000042C 0x35AD92BC
0x00000430 0x3C0E08B3
0x00000434 0x8DCEBED0
0x00000438 0x3C0F08B3
0x0000043C 0x8DEF8850
0x00000440 0x3C1800FF
0x00000444 0x3419FF00
0x00000448 0x15F80004
0x0000044C 0x00000000
0x00000450 0xADC800D0
0x00000454 0xADC900D4
0x00000458 0xADCA00D8
0x0000045C 0x15F90004
0x00000460 0x00000000
0x00000464 0xADCB00D0
0x00000468 0xADCC00D4
0x0000046C 0xADCD00D8
0x00000470 0x03E00008
0x00000500 0x3C08427C
0x00000504 0x3508D524
0x00000508 0x3C09BF11
0x0000050C 0x352939DE
0x00000510 0x3C0AC30C
0x00000514 0x354AB653
0x00000518 0x3C0BC28E
0x0000051C 0x356BB906
0x00000520 0x3C0CC087
0x00000524 0x358C179B
0x00000528 0x3C0D427A
0x0000052C 0x35AD1DE8
0x00000530 0x3C0E08B3
0x00000534 0x8DCEBED0
0x00000538 0x3C0F08B3
0x0000053C 0x8DEF8850
0x00000540 0x3C1800FF
0x00000544 0x3419FF00
0x00000548 0x15F80004
0x0000054C 0x00000000
0x00000550 0xADC800D0
0x00000554 0xADC900D4
0x00000558 0xADCA00D8
0x0000055C 0x15F90004
0x00000560 0x00000000
0x00000564 0xADCB00D0
0x00000568 0xADCC00D4
0x0000056C 0xADCD00D8
0x00000570 0x03E00008
0x00000600 0x00000604
0x3508C5A8 0x00000608
0x3C0941BD 0x0000060C
0x35298D02 0x00000610
0x3C0AC0D6 0x00000614
0x354A0A8A 0x00000618
0x3C0BC2AB 0x0000061C
0x356B41E7 0x00000620
0x3C0C4152 0x00000624
0x358C77DD 0x00000628
0x3C0DC30A 0x35AD6ECB
0x00000630 0x3C0E08B3
0x00000634 0x8DCEBED0
0x00000638 0x3C0F08B3
0x0000063C 0x8DEF8850
0x00000640 0x3C1800FF
0x00000644 0x3419FF00
0x00000648 0x15F80004
0x0000064C 0x00000000
0x00000650 0xADC800D0
0x00000654 0xADC900D4
0x00000658 0xADCA00D8
0x0000065C 0x15F90004
0x00000660 0x00000000
0x00000664 0xADCB00D0
0x00000668 0xADCC00D4
0x0000066C 0xADCD00D8
0x00000670 0x03E00008
0x00000700 0x3C08C266
0x00000704 0x35089C93
0x00000708 0x3C094048
0x0000070C 0x352947AF
0x00000710 0x3C0A4346
0x00000714 0x354A9A77
0x00000718 0x3C0B409D
0x0000071C 0x356B2BEA
0x00000720 0x3C0C4047
0x00000724 0x358C1C31
0x00000728 0x3C0DC29E
0x0000072C 0x35ADE581
0x00000730 0x3C0E08B3
0x00000734 0x8DCEBED0
0x00000738 0x3C0F08B3
0x0000073C 0x8DEF8850
0x00000740 0x3C1800FF
0x00000744 0x3419FF00
0x00000748 0x15F80004
0x0000074C 0x00000000
0x00000750 0xADC800D0
0x00000754 0xADC900D4
0x00000758 0xADCA00D8
0x0000075C 0x15F90004
0x00000760 0x00000000
0x00000764 0xADCB00D0
0x00000768 0xADCC00D4
0x0000076C 0xADCD00D8
0x00000770 0x03E00008
0x00000800 0x3C084189
0x00000804 0x35085224
0x00000808 0x3C093F63
0x0000080C 0x3529863B
0x00000810 0x3C0AC252
0x00000814 0x354AFB16
0x00000818 0x3C0B40D5
0x0000081C 0x356B4E40
0x00000820 0x3C0C4072
0x00000824 0x358CA9D5
0x00000828 0x3C0D42FC
0x0000082C 0x35AD2ED5
0x00000830 0x3C0E08B3
0x00000834 0x8DCEBED0
0x00000838 0x3C0F08B3
0x0000083C 0x8DEF8850
0x00000840 0x3C1800FF
0x00000844 0x3419FF00
0x00000848 0x15F80004
0x0000084C 0x00000000
0x00000850 0xADC800D0
0x00000854 0xADC900D4
0x00000858 0xADCA00D8
0x0000085C 0x15F90004
0x00000860 0x00000000
0x00000864 0xADCB00D0
0x00000868 0xADCC00D4
0x0000086C 0xADCD00D8
0x00000870 0x03E00008
0x00000900 0x3C08C214
0x00000904 0x3508A430
0x00000908 0x3C093EC2
0x0000090C 0x35294E07
0x00000910 0x3C0A42DD
0x00000914 0x354A2FE3
0x00000918 0x3C0B4223
0x0000091C 0x356B3047
0x00000920 0x3C0C40A3
0x00000924 0x358C9BD2
0x00000928 0x3C0DC30A
0x0000092C 0x35ADEE68
0x00000930 0x3C0E08B3
0x00000934 0x8DCEBED0
0x00000938 0x3C0F08B3
0x0000093C 0x8DEF8850
0x00000940 0x3C1800FF
0x00000944 0x3419FF00
0x00000948 0x15F80004
0x0000094C 0x00000000
0x00000950 0xADC800D0
0x00000954 0xADC900D4
0x00000958 0xADCA00D8
0x0000095C 0x15F90004
0x00000960 0x00000000
0x00000964 0xADCB00D0
0x00000968 0xADCC00D4
0x0000096C 0xADCD00D8
0x00000970 0x03E00008
0x00000A00 0x3C08C1B4
0x00000A04 0x3508C0AB
0x00000A08 0x3C0940A0
0x00000A0C 0x352981DD
0x00000A10 0x3C0A430E
0x00000A14 0x354AD421
0x00000A18 0x3C0BC1FF
0x00000A1C 0x356B9262
0x00000A20 0x3C0C3F8E
0x00000A24 0x358C049D
0x00000A28 0x3C0D3FFF
0x00000A2C 0x35AD1412
0x00000A30 0x3C0E08B3
0x00000A34 0x8DCEBED0
0x00000A38 0x3C0F08B3
0x00000A3C 0x8DEF8850
0x00000A40 0x3C1800FF
0x00000A44 0x3419FF00
0x00000A48 0x15F80004
0x00000A4C 0x00000000
0x00000A50 0xADC800D0
0x00000A54 0xADC900D4
0x00000A58 0xADCA00D8
0x00000A5C 0x15F90004
0x00000A60 0x00000000
0x00000A64 0xADCB00D0
0x00000A68 0xADCC00D4
0x00000A6C 0xADCD00D8
0x00000A70 0x03E00008
0x00000B00 0x3C0842C3
0x00000B04 0x35084A10
0x00000B08 0x3C09C062
0x00000B0C 0x3529F1DB
0x00000B10 0x3C0A42B1
0x00000B14 0x354A1ADA
0x00000B18 0x3C0B424D
0x00000B1C 0x356B2FD8
0x00000B20 0x3C0C4115
0x00000B24 0x358C43B7
0x00000B28 0x3C0D43B7
0x00000B2C 0x35AD94CC
0x00000B30 0x3C0E08B3
0x00000B34 0x8DCEBED0
0x00000B38 0x3C0F08B3
0x00000B3C 0x8DEF8850
0x00000B40 0x3C1800FF
0x00000B44 0x3419FF00
0x00000B48 0x15F80004
0x00000B4C 0x00000000
0x00000B50 0xADC800D0
0x00000B54 0xADC900D4
0x00000B58 0xADCA00D8
0x00000B5C 0x15F90004
0x00000B60 0x00000000
0x00000B64 0xADCB00D0
0x00000B68 0xADCD00D8
0x00000B6C 0xADCC00D4
0x00000B70 0x03E00008
0x00000C00 0x3C08433C
0x00000C04 0x35084A4D
0x00000C08 0x3C094160
0x00000C0C 0x352919D3
0x00000C10 0x3C0A4287
0x00000C14 0x354A3EC8
0x00000C18 0x3C0BC245
0x00000C1C 0x356BD556
0x00000C20 0x3C0C4163
0x00000C24 0x358CEA86
0x00000C28 0x3C0DC28D
0x00000C2C 0x35AD0179
0x00000C30 0x3C0E08B3
0x00000C34 0x8DCEBED0
0x00000C38 0x3C0F08B3
0x00000C3C 0x8DEF8850
0x00000C40 0x3C1800FF
0x00000C44 0x3419FF00
0x00000C48 0x15F80004
0x00000C4C 0x00000000
0x00000C50 0xADC800D0
0x00000C54 0xADC900D4
0x00000C58 0xADCA00D8
0x00000C5C 0x15F90004
0x00000C60 0x00000000
0x00000C64 0xADCB00D0
0x00000C68 0xADCC00D4
0x00000C6C 0xADCD00D8
0x00000C70 0x03E00008
0x00000D00 0x3C08BFDB
0x00000D04 0x3508856E
0x00000D08 0x3C0941AF
0x00000D0C 0x3529E808
0x00000D10 0x3C0AC2C0
0x00000D14 0x354A03B2
0x00000D18 0x3C0BC22C
0x00000D1C 0x356BF25A
0x00000D20 0x3C0CC104
0x00000D24 0x358CBA14
0x00000D28 0x3C0D4318
0x00000D2C 0x35ADDB20
0x00000D30 0x3C0E08B3
0x00000D34 0x8DCEBED0
0x00000D38 0x3C0F08B3
0x00000D3C 0x8DEF8850
0x00000D40 0x3C1800FF
0x00000D44 0x3419FF00
0x00000D48 0x15F80004
0x00000D4C 0x00000000
0x00000D50 0xADC800D0
0x00000D54 0xADC900D4
0x00000D58 0xADCA00D8
0x00000D5C 0x15F90004
0x00000D60 0x00000000
0x00000D64 0xADCB00D0
0x00000D68 0xADCC00D4
0x00000D6C 0xADCD00D8
0x00000D70 0x03E00008
0x00000E00 0x3C08C221
0x00000E04 0x35080819
0x00000E08 0x3C09C0E3
0x00000E0C 0x3529C067
0x00000E10 0x3C0A43B5
0x00000E14 0x354A24E6
0x00000E18 0x3C0BC290
0x00000E1C 0x356B3FE2
0x00000E20 0x3C0CBFD1
0x00000E24 0x358C775C
0x00000E28 0x3C0D4345
0x00000E2C 0x35AD250D
0x00000E30 0x3C0E08B3
0x00000E34 0x8DCEBED0
0x00000E38 0x3C0F08B3
0x00000E3C 0x8DEF8850
0x00000E40 0x3C1800FF
0x00000E44 0x3419FF00
0x00000E48 0x15F80004
0x00000E4C 0x00000000
0x00000E50 0xADC800D0
0x00000E54 0xADC900D4
0x00000E58 0xADCA00D8
0x00000E5C 0x15F90004
0x00000E60 0x00000000
0x00000E64 0xADCB00D0
0x00000E68 0xADCC00D4
0x00000E6C 0xADCD00D8
0x00000E70 0x03E00008
0x00000F00 0x3C084357
0x00000F04 0x35085973
0x00000F08 0x3C09C02D
0x00000F0C 0x3529226B
0x00000F10 0x3C0A40DE
0x00000F14 0x354A7093
0x00000F18 0x3C0BC175
0x00000F1C 0x356BCB6A
0x00000F20 0x3C0CC032
0x00000F24 0x358CE6DA
0x00000F28 0x3C0D42BC
0x00000F2C 0x35ADDC3E
0x00000F30 0x3C0E08B3
0x00000F34 0x8DCEBED0
0x00000F38 0x3C0F08B3
0x00000F3C 0x8DEF8850
0x00000F40 0x3C1800FF
0x00000F44 0x3419FF00
0x00000F48 0x15F80004
0x00000F4C 0x00000000
0x00000F50 0xADC800D0
0x00000F54 0xADC900D4
0x00000F58 0xADCA00D8
0x00000F5C 0x15F90004
0x00000F60 0x00000000
0x00000F64 0xADCB00D0
0x00000F68 0xADCC00D4
0x00000F6C 0xADCD00D8
0x00000F70 0x03E00008
0x0034FFEC 0x3C0808B3
0x0034FFF0 0x8D08C108
0x0034FFF4 0x340900B2
0x0034FFF8 0x1509001D
0x0034FFFC 0x00000000
0x00350000 0x3C084149
0x00350004 0x3508D9E0
0x00350008 0x3C09C1C2
0x0035000C 0x352958C6
0x00350010 0x3C0AC2F3
0x00350014 0x354A550D
0x00350018 0x3C0BC2DB
0x0035001C 0x356B2D85
0x00350020 0x3C0CBFF9
0x00350024 0x358C0D12
0x00350028 0x3C0D42EB
0x0035002C 0x35AD92BC
0x00350030 0x3C0E08B3
0x00350034 0x8DCEBED0
0x00350038 0x3C0F08B3
0x0035003C 0x8DEF8850
0x00350040 0x3C1800FF
0x00350044 0x3419FF00
0x00350048 0x15F80004
0x0035004C 0x00000000
0x00350050 0xADC800D0
0x00350054 0xADC900D4
0x00350058 0xADCA00D8
0x0035005C 0x15F90004
0x00350060 0x00000000
0x00350064 0xADCB00D0
0x00350068 0xADCC00D4
0x0035006C 0xADCD00D8
0x00350070 0x03E00008
0x00350074 0x0E28C2EF
0x000EDA5C 0x0E2D3FFB

#999 kills
;by Vosman' dmahunter
0xFFFFFFFF 0x00428E84
0x000000A8 0x000003E7

#999 points
;by Vosman' dmahunter
0xFFFFFFFF 0x00425210
0x00000A8C 0x00000E37
p.s it is me Sneak
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I Fixed your renegade squadron code archive
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